WhatsApp Plus APK Download 2024 (Update v21.20) Latest Version

Install WhatsApp Plus Apk Download the latest version here. It doesn’t take much to see why WhatsApp has become a favorite app among smartphone users. The chatting, voice and video calling service dominate the market – it’s no wonder that countless third-party apps are trying their best just so they can be seen in comparison with this incredibly popular product! Now no other messenger app can compete to Whatsapp.
Whatsapp is restricted to few features this is why Whatsapp Plus comes with features which are absolutely incredible.
In this article we will tell you to install Whatsapp Plus Apk download the latest version having new features in it.

What is WhatsApp Plus Apk ?

Whatsapp Plus is the latest and new version of popular messenger app Whatsapp. Whatsapp Plus is also known as GBWhatsapp. It comes with the new features like blue tick, high quality images, writing styles and fonts and many more other features. Whatsapp Plus Apk Download can be used for multiple accounts.

Note: WhatsApp Plus APK is a new modified version of the original WhatsApp messenger app. It si one of the best mod to download for new features. It won't ban you from the original app. It can't be downloade from playstore. You need to download it from EarnPerInstall as it the most authentic and trusted source to install Whatsapp Plus Apk Download

Know more about WhatsApp Plus Developers:

This APK was created by Rafalete in the year 2012 a long time ago. However it has been come up with many updates having new features in each of the one. As soon as it released it becomes the most downloaded and famous mod of Whatsapp. It generated millions of downloads once it launched. After Rafalete, there are two more developers who have developed their own new versions of WhatsApp Plus APK Download.

HeyMods is another mod or name who created WhatsApp Plus. The features are similar to Rafalete Whatsapp Plus version. There are only few different features you can see it in this HeyMods version. Install HeyMods Whatsapp Plus Apk Download now.

Later on, AlexMods is another mod of WhatsApp Plus APK. Team of AlexMods has developed WhatsApp Plus Apk along with 4 other mods. This apk comes in zip file, user needs to download, extract it and install Whatsapp Plus Apk. However these mods doesn’t work on every Android version they have some specific requirement which we will cover in this post.

WhatsApp Plus APK Download

App NameWhatsApp Plus APK
VersionLatest Version v21.20.0
Size58.9 MB
RequirementAndroid 5.0 or Higher
Last updated1 day ago

WhatsApp Plus APK Download Latest Version By HeyMods:

HeyMods Team developed WhatsApp Plus for their users. You can simple download this apk and install it on your Android device. Enjoy the features which you have never seen before.

HeyMods WhatsApp Plus Apk Version 21.20.0 New Features:

  • Base New
  • DIY theme
  • Hide privacy and chats
  • Change blue tick colors instead of green
  • Hide story views instantly

WhatsApp Plus Apk Download Latest Version By AlexMods:

AlexMods have launched their new version in zip format. You can download the ZIP file. Extract the file to start installation process. Make sure you have enabled download from unknown sources so that the file gets downloaded. Here is the latest WhatsApp Plus Apk download link:

AlexMods WhatsApp Plus Apk Version 16.20 New Features:

  • Dark/light theme New
  • New Animated emojis
  • More stickers option
  • Hide blue tick from others

WhatsApp Plus Apk Download feature overview:

The list of features with which you can customize the original software is extensive. This includes things like changing fonts or colors to suit your taste, adding new emojis and stickers for a personality-driven experience that reflects who YOU are!

  • Customize the interface, new wallpapers and stylish fonts to your own ideas
  • Send large audio and video files instantly
  • Download or send photos in original HD quality
  • Partial copy and pasteto send it to the contacts
  • Hide profile picture
  • Installation of various other topics

WhatsApp Plus Apk Download : Detailed list of features

If you are still confused lets share you some more detailed features. Then you will not have any confusion before downloading Whatsapp Plus Apk.

Whatsapp Plus Settings

  • Sticker packs download from GBPLUS
  • Stickers maker
  • Cleaner
  • Wallpapers from GBPLUS
  • Auto-reply feature
  • Get lots of themes
  • Get lots of fonts
  • Customize conversation screen
  • Customize chats screen
  • Customize notification popup
  • Customize widgets
  • Sharing video size up to 50 MB
  • Sharing audio size up to 100 MB
  • Sharing high-quality images
  • Sharing original quality of images
  • Share video status upto 7 minutes
  • Lock WhatsApp plus
  • See logs and activity
  • Take complete backup of files and restore these files in any version of WA MOD

Privacy Settings

  • Hide your online status
  • Hide your view status
  • Hide blue ticks and second ticks
  • Hide writing status
  • Hide Blue Microphone
  • Hide your recording
  • Enable/disable anti-revoke

General Settings

  • Restart the WhatsApp Plus
  • Message Scheduler
  • DND Mode
  • Custom chats for Privacy, Notifications, Media auto-download

Advantages of using WhatsApp Plus Apk Download :

WhatsApp Plus has all the features you need. It might be a little more complicated than your average app, but if it means higher quality video chat sessions with friends then I’m sure that will make up for any difficulty in using this new software!

  • Hide online status
  • Hide blue ticks
  • Writing status
  • Recording status
  • Sticker Packs
  • Cleaner
  • Wallpapers
  • Auto-reply to others
  • Latest Themes
  • Customization
  • Video Sharing more than 7 minutes
  • Advanced Security
  • Logs and history
  • New Fonts and style

How To Update Whatsapp Plus Apk Download ?

Wondering how to update WhatsApp Plus? Don’t worry, it’s a simple process that takes minutes. Follow these steps and download your new application today! You’ll need an account on first so head over there now or create one in the app store once done installing from scratch.

Bookmark this post the get updated apk whenever it comes. We are the one who post it instantly.

Using a browser on your mobile device, navigate to the Google Play Store. Then enable installing APK files from unknown sources and download WhatsApp Plus latest version before following these steps: Click “INSTALL” in order start installation process which should only take few moments of time!

The latest version of the Chats app will be available on your phone after installing it. You can check this by tapping Chat’s tab, scrolling down until you see three horizontal stripes in a box at bottom right corner and clicking OK to install new update or continue using current old one if not receive notification yet .

To Install WhatsApp Plus Apk Download, you will need to enable it. This is an important step that ensures the app runs correctly and won’t give any error messages when installing or launching in future if we update our phones with new software updates from time-to-time like many other people do on their own discretion as well!

WhatsApp Plus is an app that lets you use WhatsApp on any Android device. The first step in the process requires creating a backup of your original account, which ensures important data remains safe and secure, even if something goes wrong with modifying it!

The latest version of WhatsApp comes with a number features that are not in the original app. One feature, for instance, is called “moderation” and it hides your online status until you receive new messages on this platform–just like what we used to do before!
The other cool thing about these updates? They keep getting better over time as more people use them which means bug fixes get implemented into older software versions automatically without any extra work from us developers at all – yay auto-patches!!


To install WhatsApp Plus Apk Download on your device, you will need to go into settings and enable unknown source. The process is similar as with the original app; only difference being that now we’re downloading from a third party source instead of Google Play Store!

Once you’ve downloaded it, install as prompted on the screen. If there are errors in installing or verifying your device with WhatsApp’s servers then try restoring from an earlier backup – this may solve any problems! After installation go ahead and register for a new account by inputting phone number (or email address) followed by password chosen during setup process; enjoy using our awesome modded version of the world wide messaging app!”