3 Best Off Page SEO Methods

On-page SEO is essential key method of any site to enhance search ability. However it requires technical skills to implement. A person should be able to read and understand HTML. Then only he or she can optimize his or her site according to onpage seo policies.
If you are done with on-page seo correctly then the second most important task is to look for off-page seo of the website. The more backlinks from relevant sources your website will have, you site will have maximum chances to be in the top search of every big search engines like Google, Yahoo!, AOL and MSN. And to increase we have to do the offpage seo tasks.
So, now question occurs… How will you increase backlinks? It seems easy however it is not. As now a days lots of policies has been changed and increasing backlinks can be disadvantage for your site if not done correctly. As it can increase badlinks or toxic links. Which impacts on your site performance.
Here are 3 best practices you should do to increase quality backlinks, which are as follows:

1. Blogging or Blogs
Blogging or having blogs on your site are the best practice to increase search availability. As Google or other search engines gives preference to the site which are the most updated ones or update any unique content related to their product or service frequently. As it increases the chance of the visitor to stay on your site for a long duration which enhances Alexa and there are more chances for returning visits. There should be comment section in your blog. As it helps to interact with a user. It keeps the search engines in touch with your blog. Always remember to put a blog link on Home or Top menu. Here is the list of guest blogging sites.

2. Article Writing
Search for the best article sites list or you can find it here. And post a fresh and unique article related to your service on article site. Always remember to put your site-link in the article submission at least for once. Mentioning site-url more than once can be cause of article rejection. These article sites gives a strong and quality backlink to your site. And also provides you instant unique visitors to your product.

3. Forum Submission
First thing you have to search the Dofollow forum submission list. Forums also provides a unique backlink and instant quality traffic. However always put relevant thread or post otherwise post can be rejected by admin. As most of the good forum’s admin or staff watches every new thread in order to get rid of spam and phishing.

Above mentioned 3 off page methods can give you incredible results, if done correctly. Hope it may help you all.

seo wallpaper 30

seo wallpaper 30