Blogs that Pay Writers $250 for content writing

Blogs that Pay Writers – Top 10 Blogs that Will Pay You Upto $250 or more on Writing Content, Article or Blog Post
In this post, I will be sharing a list of Blogs that pay writers – Top 10 blogs that will pay you upto $250 or more on writing content, article or Blog Post. This is a great news for the freelancers, content writers or bloggers, who would like to get paid on writing content.
This will be beneficial for those who have excellent writing skills and waiting for work to come. So don’t wait just start sharing your thoughts, latest or technology news, articles or whatever you are interested in. Bookmark a List of Blogs that pay writers, which is as follows:

Payment: $100 – $250
Topic: Web Development
Your articles should be related to HTML5, CSS, PHP and other web development languages or knowledge.

2. E-Commerce Insiders
Payment: $75 – $125
Topic: Retail/eCommerce
Article should be related to retail focused, commentary or educational. Content should either be educational with “how to” tips and tactics, or commentary on industry news or trends.

Payment: $50
Topic: Design
They need an article related to Tutorials, Technology news, Tips or Tricks (Legal). Article should be between 800 to 1000 words.

4. A Fine Parent
Payment: $100
Topic: Parenting
They have a huge category list to write on. For more details you can visit their website and read rules and regulations carefully.

5. Smashing Magazine
Payment: $50 – $200
Topic: Web Design
This website is a web development and designing community, thus they need posts on web design, web development, mobile technology etc.

6. Sitepoint
Payment: $150 – $200
Topic: CSS, HTML
Topics should be related to CSS, HTML, HTML5, SASS. They pay upto $300 depending on length of the content.

7. The Penny Hoarder
Payment: $100 – $800
Topic: Earn Money Online
Guest Post should be related to make money online or tips. They accept 700 to 900 words minimum.

Payment: $60 – $500
Topic: Wordpress
You can write an article related to WordPress plugins, codes or How to. Amount depends on your content length.

9. VirtualBand
Payment: $100
Topic: Various Category
You have to write 60 posts to get $100. However every post should be approved by admin and should contain unique content otherwise post will be rejected.

10. UX Booth
Payment: $100
Topic: Various Category
Write content between 1200 to 1800 words on various categories. They audit and pays for quality content. There are many freelancers working with them with full satisfaction.