Duplicate Content Advice, Penalty, Myth as per Google SEO

Today we will discuss about Duplicate content advice, penalty, items were included, issues, content on different domains, search, myth, strategy according to Google and SEO.

What is Duplicate Content?
Duplicate content is differently treated by Google rather than copied content, with the difference being the INTENT and nature of the duplicated text.
Copied content can often be penalized according to search engine’s algorithms or crawlers. Duplicate content can not be penalized, but it happens often. Always remember to be careful before spinning or copying content to make it unique.

Google clearly says that the best practices to make your text more ‘UNIQUE’ is to use low-quality techniques like adding synonyms and related words. 

In the above video , Google’s Andrey Lipattsev refused that Google doesn’t penalize because of duplicate content.
He want to clarify that its not a penalty if Google or any search engine discovers that your content is not unique. However your page will never rank above a competitor’s page.
As per the video, if you at content on the web, approximate 25-30% of web content is duplicate content. Thus every time mentioned duplicate content is not spam. Suppose if we are searching some page results and we find two websites with a same content, so rather than choosing both of the pages in search results. Google choose one of them. This is why Google always emphasize to create unique content for your site. Watch video for more…

As per Google:

  • There will be no duplicate content PENALTY
  • Google considers UNIQUENESS and give priority accordingly
  • Google FILTERS duplicacy and shows result of only one in SERP
  • Duplicate content can slow down CRAWLERS in finding new results
  • Duplicate content will never promote your product or service on fire however unique content will
  • Use canonical tags

What is Boilerplate Content?
Boilerplate is a written content or text that can be reused without making much changes to the original.
Google considers boilerplate content…but you still shouldn’t use it much, however you should always minimize its use. As confuse search engines to ignore the page completely.

The myth of the duplicate content penalty:
There are many people who are afraid of using duplicate content, however you can use it but remember not to copy it completely. There are lots of difference between duplicate content and copied content. We will be explaining further. Many people have too many question regarding same. Example:

  • What items not included in duplicate content?
  • Does duplicate content effects on Google search?
  • Duplicate content issues
  • Duplicate content on different domains
  • Duplicate content myth
  • Duplicate content strategy
  • Duplicate content penalty
  • Duplicate content SEO Advice

We have already explained each mentioned above point in this article. Hope you all have no doubt now rather than difference between copying vs duplicate content.
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