Google Bert Update – More Relevant Search Results

Google Bert Update – Will it help for more relevant Search Results?

Are you worried?

Is your site has been removed on search results suddenly?

Google has recently released a Major SEO or Search Update “BERT” on 21 October,2019 for rich snippets and English language queries.
Google has recently launched a major SEO Update which is Bert on October 21, 2019 for English-language queries.

This update has effected all the search algorithms of sites. Even there are lots of bloggers or individual who have been removed from search because of BERT update. Even being a blogger I also faced same issue.
However now I am making changes in my blog according to BERT Update. You also need to do if you want to be in search results on your desired keywords.
This is to be considered as the biggest SEO update so far. Google algorithms has changed its beckend technology. Now Google Search Algorithm has started working on Artificial Intelligence.

What is BERT?
BERT stands for Bidirectional Encoder Representations from Transformers. It is helping users for more relevant search results. After this update now rich snippets plays a important role in order to rank on Google.

How does BERT work?
I am going to explain it in a very simple manner. Now whatever you are going to post on your site or blog, should be relevant enough. Otherwise it won’t come in search results on Google.

How do we define relevancy?
You content should not contains spammy words. Now you need to be more focus on Keyword density ratio while writing content.

Major things to consider after Google Update BERT:
1. While creating a title of your post. Try to ask a question instead of statement. Use What, Which or How to in the title.
Before: Top 10 Web Hosting Providers
Now: Which are Top 10 Web Hosting Providers?

2. In order to come in search results very fast. You need to add Questions and Answers or FAQ’s in the content. And don’t forget to add Schema Markup  in Q&A or FAQ’s.

Q&A Schema Markup Search Query

qa schema markup

FAQs Schema Markup Search Query

faq schema markup

3. Once you start adding FAQ’s or Q & A in your posts using Schema Markup. You post will start coming in Search results very soon.
Now it is very important to know that…
How to Schema Markup in Questions and Answers or FAQ’s?
Follow the official links given above in order to know How to schema markup in FAQ’s or Q&A?

Hope this information will help you all to boost your site ranking very quickly according to Google BERT Update.

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