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Hostpapa is a website and domain hosting provider.
This is one the best and Reliable company for website hosting and provider as per its reviews, this is one of independent web hosting company based in Toronto Canada, they provide a range of hosting services, this company started in 2006 and has seen becoming one of best website hosting provider company in past few year in Canada because of their services  like domain provider, emails marketing and website designing and building  and other  range of services with the 24×7 hers support and 30 day guarantee for money back.

People who works here, are very structured with pros and cons they are very  professionally designer ,they are good in supportive and  polite with their  client ,they understand your need that the client actually looking for ,what will suits for the client and  according to client need they work.

They always create high quality website and easy to use website builder ,they have more than 100 of designed website which are very professionally ,you can use simple drag and drop website and they will get your simple website to a customized website in one day only ,they give you reliable web hosting domain name registration and also tools for the businesses growth, they help you proper for domain name creates the starting point to your own address on the Internet. prefer from standard domain endings, such as .com and .net,. in or discover new domain endings, like .club and .guru. apply your mind to choose a best domain according to your preference name that represents your brand and helps you stand out on the web and business.

Hostpapa Coupon
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Hostpapa Review

Transparency & Ownership
It is a privately and one of independent website hosting company, Independent companies might not have the capital to make long-term improvements. They might not have the expertise to run a world-class service. However, they are usually “closer to the customer” – and willing to make changes for the better of everyone rather than the bottom line.

Big corporations have the capital and expertise to run a world-class service, but they may also view departments (like customer service) as a cost and customers as an entry on a database, the hosting industry is disreputably consolidated. Even on the enterprise end, it’s basically Amazon and… maybe Google. On the shared/small business end, these two Endurance and GoDaddy both own a big number of brands in India and other country, Some are run well and some are run poorly .there are very variety and competition in hosting industry on this point HostPapa doing best own his way ,one of growing and independent company. they are best in transparency for Network status page where client can get 24/7 updated on their services.

Customer Support
Here if i am saying about customer support we can’t judge the company as Many company commit you best services in the starting but after payment these company  get slow and pathetic ,HostPapa is the best company for customer support you can check the review given by client and other people at that time cant argue with people as can’t return  your money and time your precious time so instead of argue  i have found  with Host papa that they  ease of use across a range of support channels and asset in DIY customer support. It is solid platform on both which will help you to choose the correct one.

For availability, they have phone, chat, email and social support. when you  chat with HostPapa they will available for you on any  time, this multilingual support of them, makes different from other hosting company. If i am saying about customer support resources, they have a excellent knowledge base with an auto-translate feature to serve different languages and basic knowledge of the service ,Though you can do that with Google Translate, I think that indicates a level of investment and thought. They also have a good selection of video tutorials, which again, I think show a level of investment in their customer support infrastructure and by all this HostPapa’s customer support seems pretty professional and good in work , especially compared to other entry-level providers.

Comprehensive Services & Extras 
They provide web hosting services including with other high quality complimentary services like website design, email marketing and domain service on i bit of higher level, like they do not sell domain they are a domain register and with this they better selection of domain TLDs with good pricing than other competitor  of hosting companies. The same goes with other services like design and email servicing, the They offer VPS hosting for any resource-hungry business websites in addition to a better-than-most WordPress Hosting product.

Domain services
They provide you best domain services which name creates the starting point to your own address on the Internet, you  can Choose from classic domain endings, such as .com and .net, or explore new domain endings, like .club and .in., you can to choose a domain name according to your imagination  that represents your brand and helps you stand out on the web!

Websites creation
You can Build your website by yourself with their  easy-to-use drag & drop website builder – no design skills required. they give option to Choose from hundreds of mobile-friendly templates with flexible designs and layouts. these website should be Ecommerce enabled for physical or digital products. Start selling online and best this is One-click website publishing.

Web Hosting
You can get unbelievable page speeds on your websites by hosting on our high performance servers. also get everything you need to be successful online including hosting, email and 400+ business apps. they Build a beautiful website with our included drag & drop website builder or install Word Press with a single click.

Optimized Word Press Hosting
Enjoy hassle-free, pre-installed WordPress hosting – ready when you are they give enhanced speed and performance with their WordPress optimized servers. they protect you  from threats with built-in Word Press security and monitoring.

VPS Hosting
By this  you can Grow your business on a robust Virtual Private Server. this very Easy to use cPanel and root-level access through your VPS manager. they gives you Dedicated and scalable computing resources with enhanced SSD drives.also provide you clock support from their PapaSquad VPS Experts.

Email Services
Basic email functionality with your professional identity using a company domain name like  which suitable for your company and product like  Small businesses or any groups that use for  generally desktop workstations like any laptop ,PCs, with a very limited number of mobile devices.

HostPapa Advanced Email
they Builds Basic Email for client need  by adding of more highly developed features for mobility and security of any company details. like Teams with more people “on the go” using mobile devices (laptops, smart phones, and tablets) who need their email to always be in sync.

Microsoft Office® 365
These are very Affordable, secure business-class email and Microsoft Office (including Word® and Excel®).which suitable for Small businesses/groups seeking email plus Microsoft Office and online storage, without any ongoing the costs of servers, software, and IT personnel.

Business-class email and office productivity tools, without the big business price tag.which is Suitable for Small businesses/groups seeking email and an office productivity suite (including documents, spreadsheets, and online storage), without server, software, and IT costs.

Speed & Performance
As I mentioned before also  the heart job of a web host is to serve website files when someone types in your domain name – but most agree that there’s a missing adverb. It should be “to serve website files quickly. To say website speed is important is cliché, especially in the age of mobile. as speed of server is not the only the  factor it is an important factor in overall website speed, And critically, it’s also a “bottleneck” factor. same it does not  matter that  how fast you speed or compress  up your website, you can only go as quick as your server can react. here the Measuring server speed and respond time is a difficult issue. but network engineers at HostPapa can definitively say what’s going on with server speed as they are very expert and professional for the this  But, anyone can measure a ballpark metric of server performance. they  called it Time To First Byte (TTFB) which shows you how rapidly a server delivers the first byte of information after it receives a appeal.

User-Friendliness & Branding
They have significantly enhanced their performance and setup process since the company has born overall, they are  in general very user-friendly, good in design, and branding are definitely good compared to their progressive competitors. in addition their  branding inspired to the client for trust, they are small in the time of startup but now they progress very well in the branding, performance and in business.

Conclusion & Next Steps
Overall what i found that this hosting is a solid and big business host in an industry, in hosting space its it’s refreshing to find a great self-governing hosting company with a good product and well services provider, If anyone looking for an independent, hosting and extra services provider company with a good pricing, better performance, and customer support, and then I advise for checking out it without any confusion here my rate for Hostpapa is 4.8/5 and a big thumbs up for their services and customer support. Hope This Hostpapa Coupon, Promo Code and Review has made your decision to choose top provider.