How to add Canonical Tag to your Blogger?

What is Canonical Tag?
Canonical tag is very important for every website. Even more important for blogging site. This tag deals with duplicate content issue. It avoids duplicate content exist in your blogger. Canonical tag send a message to search engines crawlers that which url link should be for a current page. Its a hint for serp.

How to add canonical tag in blogger?
We should add canonical tag in every blogger template. Which is
<link rel=”canonical” expr:href=”data:blog.url”/>
We have to add this to blogger template. Here are th steps to add this canonical code in your blogger template.

1. Open Blogger dashboard and sign in
2. Click on Theme > Edit HTML
3. Find the tag given below
<b:include data=’blog’ name=’all-head-content’/>
4. Once you find it add this canonical tag just belo above code
<link rel=”canonical” expr:href=”data:blog.url”/>
5. Save the blogger template and the code is added

Now Search engine crawlers will update this tag and duplicate content will be avoided by them.