How to Increase Backlinks for Free for your website?

What is Backlink?
Backlink is a type of link which we get from another authoritative website. Backlinks play a vital role to rank your website in Google search 1st page on a specific targeted keyword. However search engine calculates other factors too like: On Page SEO etc.

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Important Points to remember to increase backlinks for free

  • Put your site link on the website which have Good domain authority. There are lots of free site where you can check domain authority for free.
  • Don’t add backlink on spammy sites. It will give you a bad link. Which will effect on your site performance.

link management
How to increase backlinks to rank your site fast?

  • Increase Backlinks using DA Dofollow Social bookmarking sites.
  • Infographics is one of the best and most popular way to get a quality and valuable backlinks.
  • Write guest articles. There are several authoritative sites for guest posting.
  • Spy on competitors backlink and list down their Dofollow links and use them for your site.
  • Connect with bloggers and tell them to write some informative post about your product or service and mention your site url once. 

Get valuable backlinks using your images
1. Open Google Images and click the little camera.

image backlinks 1

 2. Enter site URL of your image or click on Upload by Image
I am going to use my site image example

image backlinks 2

3. Now there are various ways to find similar images the fastest way it to click on “All sizes.”

image backlinks 3

4. Now Google will show you all similar indexed images in all sizes. Select anyone from it.

5. Click “Visit page” and check if your image is correctly linked to your site. If image is properly linked Places where it may be.
You can search by browsing the complete page but a little trick to make this process easier and faster is to use the source code. Press F12 or Ctrl + U to open the source code, then press Shift+f to open the search box and look for your URL. It will automatically find your site if it is there.
If you don’t find any backlink, look for the contact form and ask them to give a credit.

image backlinks 5

link management 1

 Hope this article will help you to increase quality backlinks for free.