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Are you looking for Microleaves Review? If yes, You are at right place to read its features, pros and cons.

Microleaves has started their operation in 2012. And they have become the world’s largest proxy network. They offer variety of proxies like: Backconnect Proxies, Dedicated HTTP Proxies, Shared HTTP Proxies. They have 26 millions of residential IPs in their network of every city in the world.
Trying to buy proxies from Microleaves Proxies? Read its review of ours before you do that as we’ve a great offers to unveil. With what you will learn, you are able to now determine whether to purchase from them or perhaps not.

What makes Microleaves the best Proxy Provider?

microleaves review

Key Features of Microleaves

  • Unlimited Bandwidth

Being in the competitive market, they have competetors who offers same amount of bandwidth however they charge you per GB once you are over whit given capacity. Microleaves doesn’t charge you extra for it in comparison to others. Like I reported previously, their pricing is the main selling point of theirs, separate from the dimensions of their IP swimming pool. Most residential proxies are actually metered. What this means is they’re offered in bandwidth, and also you have to spend extra charges to keep on enjoying the service of theirs after you’ve explored the information you paid for.

  • Worldwide locations

They don’t provide any list of cities. However they claims they have proxies from around the world. As per reviews received by its customers. Its truth. As we pointed out earlier, this particular proxy provider steps its legs into the market in 2012 as reverseproxies.com just before rebranding into a more powerful proxy provider. It’s one of probably the Largest IP Pool as well as Location Coverage. Because its founding, it’s grown to have 1 of probably the largest proxy networks on the market, with more than twenty six million residential IP addresses within its pool.

  • 3-Day Moneyback Guarantee

They don’t offer a trial period however you still have 3 days money back guarantee. So don’t worry you still have a period to try their services free of cost. If you’ve read through the various other reviews written about various other proxies, you will discover that refund policy was not talked about often as a con or a pro. Nevertheless, it’s been provided in this case.
Nevertheless, since the free trials of theirs have been abused a great deal by spammers, it’s no longer available, and of course, you have to invest money to make use of them.

Offers 3 types of Packages
1. Backconnect Residential Proxies
You can change ip addresses every ten minutes with more than 26 million ips from around the world.
2. Dedicated HTTP Proxies
They have tens of thousands of IPs ready to use. They have Multiple Subnets, Instant Scaling, Unlimited Bandwidth, United States Proxies and best plans available.
3. Shared HTTP Proxies
Thousand of IPS available to use. They have Multiple Subnets, Non Sequential IPs, Unlimited Bandwidth, Fast servers and cheapest plans available.

Plans for Everyone 

Microleaves Review

Really great service provider. Bought proxies and i’ve tested those. The proxies are fast for scrapping also.
Alan Rodriguz 

Best Proxies available for Digital marketing and SEO purpose.
Gregory Tustin

Microleaves considered to be the trusted proxy network to buy proxy plans from. Most of its customer’s have given positive Microleaves Review. Thus we also recommend you all. Microleaves doesn’t have probably the simplest dashboard in the business and surely doesn’t have the most complicated one. Things are simple, and you need to reach the ground running. In order to make things simpler for you, the sole means of authentication is actually by whitelisting the computer IP address of yours. It will stop some kind of anxiety associated with the usage of the username as well as password type of authentication.

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Should we Recommend Microleaves?
I’ll be positioned on the fence in this article, giving you to always be the judge within this particular situation. While I can say, I’d suggest them because many other pricing as well as their proxies geographical division, I am going to refrain from doing that due to the connection mistakes, absence of IP rotation by time, and unhealthy customer support.
Understand me right here – I’m not telling you to not utilize them (and not informing you to wear them). Make the decision yourself depending on the points most crucial for you in the above mentioned advantages and disadvantages.