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It is one of the Genuine Review according to market survey. Microleaves is now rebranded as It claims that they provide thr “biggest P2P proxy network” with 26 million residential IP addresses across every city in the world.

The residential proxy provider of choice for many marketers and SEOs, has been a leader in the industry since 2012. They offer backconnect proxies, dedicated proxies, shared IP addresses- all of which provide fast speeds with a high degree of anonymity.

When you consider that 26 million IP addresses is but a small fraction of the total number available, it becomes clear why feels confident in its claim. This company may be one among many P2P proxies services today, but they are certainly not alone. Review
  • Price & Value - 9.1/10
  • Proxy Features - 9.8/10
  • Product Quality - 9.9/10
  • Customer Support - 9.6/10
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Key Features and Review

Unlimited Bandwidth
Worldwide locations
New Orders Process Automatically
99.99% Guaranteed
Fast Speed
3-Day Moneyback Guarantee
24/7 Support

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Types of Proxies: Review

Residential Back connect Proxies: has two types of proxies: residential and backconnect. Residential proxies rotate IP addresses every 5 minutes, keeping you safe from being banned by the site owner while also preventing your location to be detected.

Backconnect have an even more secure service where they change their IPs every five minutes as well which is good for crawling or data mining websites that are less likely to ban visitors often because these services require a lot of traffic so it would take too much time trying banning them all out with different proxy servers constantly changing along with avoiding bots detecting this activity happening very quickly. provides highly effective residential proxies which change IP addresses every fixed time, keeping your location and data safe. They are also known for backconnecting proxies that switch between servers in 5-minute intervals to prevent banning by the website’s security system while crawling or mining data.


The system is also compatible with HTTP as well as SOCKS, which meet the average requirements of an internet service provider. They offer real broadband and digital cables are commonly used in place of it. Digital cable providers accept both PayPal and Bitcoin for payment methods that can’t be beat on price or reliability! Bitcoin is recommended for one-time payments, while PayPal can be used to make recurring or non-recurring transactions.

The IPs used appear to cover a large number of locations globally. I am not totally convinced on this though, because the company claims their database holds 26 million addresses but doesn’t provide any evidence for it. The control panel is very advanced and impressive; in fact, they offer different packages so that users can use them at application level if needed (for business purposes).

Proxy servers are super easy to use, and they work with almost every major website. They’re great for users who want access to blocked sites like Ticketmaster, Amazon, Facebook or YouTube without having to log in through VPNs one by one. Games like Pokémon Go also connect nicely with their proxies! Sneaker websites can be connected to the system using proxy servers.

Dedicated Proxies:

Want to enter the wonderful world of dedicated proxies? is your answer. Their advanced control panel allows you to track and manage each proxy, individually. You can use their private HTTP/HTTPS proxies for social media like Facebook, Twitter or Instagram with ease!

With gigabit speeds (the best on market), USA based servers, these are perfect if you’re looking for high-speed connections that aren’t easily detectable by ISPs
(or other third parties). The automated system generates a new IP address after every 30 days. Plans are as following:
Unlike other providers, started offering dedicated proxies in 2017. This means they have far less data centers than others – only tens of thousands instead of hundreds of thousands. The price is reasonable when compared with them!
USA Proxies based in Buffalo, New York are available. It also provides shared proxies which are cheaper and allow up to five users on a network at a time.

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While testing their 25 residential backconnect proxies plan, I found that some servers were pleasantly fast while others are really slow. This is significant considering you get the same price for unequal speeds of proxies which could be bad if any given batch doesn’t meet your needs. It would be good to keep in mind before ordering.

Despite the fact that their solution is convenient, I was disappointed to find many duplicate IPs. This might suggest they do not actually have 26 million unique proxies for me to use during my testing project. While the claim is a little incredulous, it doesn’t really have much of an effect on the quality of their servers.

My experience on their backconnect proxies was sort of a secret. I wanted to know how well they ran the P2P network, but an administrator just told me that it is top-secret.

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If you’re looking for a VPN with lots of locations, then Proxies may not be the best option as they only have one location in New York. However, I didn’t end up using it since there’s nothing really that interesting or unique about them to share with y’all.

We have used approximate 30 – 40 resedential ips which is in backconnect plan. The speed of proxies is depending on the location of the server. Some of them was really fast on the other side few of them was little slow. However we found that they are the best proxy provider in comparison to others. As we have used proxies from other proxy networks too.

Thus it is considered to be one of the reliable, authentic, fast and extraordinary Proxy network. Ratings given above are a bundle of Review received by its clients.

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    26 million + residential proxies
    No Additional charge (Unlimited Bandwidth)
    Try for 3 Day – Money Back
    Instant Access on buying
    Quick Resolution

    Few of them are little slow
    Sometimes delay in revert from customer support due to high volume
    Proxies can’t access strict sites Plans

    backconnect plans

    Use the coupon codes given above to buy any plans or any type of proxies in the best value and price.

    Advantages of offers IPs to authenticate for their backconnecting proxies. This might be difficult for users while using dynamic IP, however you need to authenticate multiple at once. So once you reach the limit. You can start all over again by clearing the list. We consider as Authentic Proxy Network available online. Hope this Review will help you to take the right decision.

    As we have already mentioned before that there are two types of backconnect proxies.

    1. Basic

    2. Special

    In this Review we have explained every possible detail require to buy genuine proxy plans.
    Having a good proxy means, you won’t find any problem while surfing or using it. When you want GEO restricted proxy you should buy its packages. They have a very good customer support just a little bit delay in it due to huge volume of replies.

    Customer Support:

    The ticket-based support system on is easy to find and use, so you can reach out for help if something goes wrong with one of your proxies. There is no guarantee on how quickly they will respond, though don’t expect a rapid response. They also have a few emails provided throughout the site which you can use if necessary – these are not intended for customer support however.

    With so many services available, it’s good to see that the company has a help desk for people who need assistance with their already purchased products. And people have given good Review. It seems like paying customers may get priority over those just looking around on the site since they offer an FAQ section before contacting customer support.

    This section covers most questions that anyone would have, and is very helpful. Not only do they have answers to common issues you might encounter while using a proxy service or website, but also simple explanations of what proxies are for the beginner who may not know exactly how to use them.

    Conclusion: always offers attractive and alluring deals to attract existing and new customers. And anyone can avail those by visiting on the official site. They also offer automatic capatcha solving service. Which is required by many users around the world.

    And do remember that security has enhanced very much. Thus the IPs you will be showing to the world are not real at all. It’s definitely worth to buy proxies. As they offers variety of packages according to your budget.

    Also they keep updating their offers in order to attract more customer and to satisfy their existing ones. And they update their beckend technology. So that their customer won’t get any issue with them.

    If you want a fair, general purpose service that isn’t too expensive and doesn’t sacrifice quality, then is for you! They haven’t necessarily set the bar very high in terms of features or performance; however it will definitely get your needs taken care of. This company has been around since 2012 and they have an A- rating on BBB (Better Business Bureau) as well as positive Review from their customers. If feedback regarding this product leaves us any room to improve – we’re all ears 🙂

    1. Backconnect Proxies Which auto rotate residential proxy every 5 minutes.
    2. They propose plan: Residential Proxies and Dedicated Proxies.
    3. Dedicated Proxies with USA Based Servers.
    4. Residential IP addresses which are Non-sequential.


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