Top 50+ High PR Social Bookmarking Sites

Top High PR social bookmarking sites help us to rank our website in Google or other Search Engine search. Using social bookmarking, we can increase traffic but not much, also gives a backlink for better ranking. We will guide you the proper way to do Social bookmarking.

What is social bookmarking?
Using Social Bookmarking technique, you increase the traffic of your site also get priveleages to rank fast in google. Every digital marketing expert or seo professional required Latest Social Bookmarking list to boost wesbite perdormance.

Why should we use social bookmarking sites?
We have already introduced On Page SEO Checklist to complete all on-page optimization rules as per Google. After complating this step you should move to off page optimization. In Off-page the first step is to get high quality backlinks using this technique. We will explain few advantages here, which are as follows:

  1. Bookmarking is the easiest and fastest way to get high pr backlink for your website or blog post.
  2. It is a quick way to rank in search engines like – Google, Bing, Yahoo etc.
  3. Social bookmarking websites submission helps us to generate new relevant traffic.
  4. Using it your blog or site can go viral too.
  5. It improves domain authority.
  6. It reduces bounce rate.
  7. It will help in blog categorization.

How to do social bookmarking?
Any SEO pro or newbie can do it using few steps. It not much hard to do social bookmarking.
Every wesbite which are in the list have their rules and regulations. For example: Some sites require registrations, some dont. We always prefer you to register and submit a listing.
There are only few steps to register submit a social feed like: Title, Description, Tags and website url. It’s not a rocket sciece to register and sumbit.

We believe you all are understood. Let’s start increasing quality backlinks.

Top High PR Social Bookmarking Sites List:
Reddit is one of my favorite bookmarking websites. It’s not easy to submit your blog post on reddit. You need to upvote and re-submit others’ reddit posts. It will improve your reddit karmas, once you have sufficient karmas, you can submit your blog posts easily, read subreddit’s rules before posting on it.
Delicious is one of the top social bookmarking sites with high pr. Like other bookmarking sites, here also only blog post submission is not sufficient to get maximum benefits out of it. is one of the best places of content curation and content marketing. Here you can bookmark your blog post or can create a complete article with backlinks to your blog.
Stumbleupon powered by ebay, is a good source of instant traffic. To submit blog post on it, you need to register. A complete profile will help you in traffic generation. Don’t submit your blog multiple times in a day. It will be considered as spam.
Pinterest is not only a bookmarking website, but it is the most popular graphical content distribution social media website. Here, you can discover content on any topic and most of the content will be in graphic format.


Top 50+ DoFollow High PR Social Bookmarking Sites

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