Whatsapp Viral Script – Earn Minimum $1000 Per Month

Whatsapp Viral Script for Affiliate Marketers
This Whatsapp Viral Script will increase the traffic for your product. It goes viral even to send it once on any whatsapp number. Also it will help you to earn minimum $ 1000/month.


  • You can promote an Android apps or iOs apps to get maximum number of installs
  • You can promote any specific offer run by any specific app. Like: Amazon or Flipkart (They run offers frequently to attract users)
  • Earn minimum $1000/month by promoting app installs or offers

Why this script goes viral?
This Whatsapp Viral Script goes viral because it give a mandatory option to share it to minimum 4 Whatsapp numbers and 2 Whatsapp Groups.

whatsapp viral script 1
whatsapp viral script 2
This Whatsapp Viral Script helps in different ways:
  • Many Affiliate Marketers uses it to promote Android or iOs App. Which increases the numbers of Installs and Registrations
  • Some of the Marketers uses this script to promote the offers
Rest depends on you how you use it to gain profit
These manual changes you need to do in coding to change according to your offer or app:
In “index.html”
Change Text, Banner, and App Download Link according to your requirement
In “invite.html”
You can change the number to share your site link. As of now its mandatory to  share the offer to 4 Whatsapp numbers and 2 Whatsapp Groups
In “final.html”
Change Text and App download links
In “js/invite.js”
You need to make certain changes in invite.js file according to your uploaded domain. Once you click on edit this file you will see the code
‘whatsapp://send?text=https://standoutprograms.com/offer/demo/ ||  Install the App to Get Rs.1000 Wallet Balance Instant. Click the above link to Continue. Offer is valid for this month only. Hurry up!’
Change the text and domain path of uploaded script
For Example If script is uploaded on the main domain then change  https://standoutprograms.com/offer/demo/ to Your main domain http://www.example.com
If it is uploaded on sub domain then change 
https://standoutprograms.com/offer/demo/ to


If you still find any problem in installing it, comment below, We will try to solve it as soon as possible.
PRICE – $2 Only
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Enjoy the Script