YouTube SEO – 15 Ways to Optimize Videos to Get More Traffic

15 Simple Ways to Optimize YouTube Videos to Get More Traffic and Views

We all are aware that Google has become the largest search engine for users from around the world. And YouTube is the 2nd largest search engines to search any kind of videos.
YouTube is a very good platform to promote your talent, expertise, skills, services, product or any business. There are many individuals who want to be on YouTube to explore their talent and skills. Even it is becoming more and more famous in Youth now a days. YouTube is considered to be the best and biggest video sharing platform and it is growing day by day. If you want to maximize the traffic and view of your created and uploaded video. You need to consider the points given below. Which will help your video to get in search results very soon on desired keywords.

Below we have mentioned the most important point to implement before uploading any video. You can do YouTube SEO and optimize your video by following given ways.

YouTube SEO #1. Keyword Research
Keyword Research is one of the most important factor to consider before uploading video. It will help your video to get ranked very fast. There are various ways to do research like: Whatever keyword you have decided to target on a uploaded video. Type that keyword in search box and check whether that keyword is automatically coming in suggestion box in search tab. If not it means that not a competitive keyword and will not help your video to drive more view.
You can do keyword research using Google Keyword Planner. You can also use YouTube keyword research tools provided by Ahrefs, KeywordTool and many more. These external tools will give you an accurate idea about its searches and competition. Initially try to use medium competitive keywords instead of high. Once you start getting good amount of traffic on your channel or video then you can start selection high competitive keywords.

YouTube SEO #2. Title of Video
Title play a very important role to get your video in search results. Try to use the main and targeted keyword in the title. YouTube allows you to write 100 characters in the Title however try to use upto 70 characters as YouTube gives a preference to the video which has upto 70 characters Title. Try to write a attractive and niche specific title of your video.

YouTube SEO #3. Tags
Tags will also helps your video to get rank very quick. Selected keywords will be the best tags for your video. You can use upto 400 characters in tags however use 10 to 15 the most suitable tags while uploading a video. If this feature is used properly your video will get ranked very soon.

YouTube SEO #4. Description
Use upto 150 characters in description. Write relevant description related to your video. You can also use selected keywords in the description tab. Also don’t forget to use related hashtags in the description. Use between 1-3 hashtags only. You can always refer your website link or other social media platform urls in the description box to increase followers or fans.

YouTube SEO #5. Attractive Thumbnail
Thumbnail is an image which is a cover of your video. So it should be attractive enough to engage user. Whatever image you have selected for thumbnail try to write some informative and brief text on the image related to your video. It looks professional and user gets attracted to it. The perfect size for thumbnail is 1920×1080, 1280×720. You can always use Photoshop to create attractive thumbnails.

YouTube SEO #6. Subscribe, Like, Share and Comment
You should not hesitate asking your users to Subscribe, Like, Share and Comment. You can use voice, images or some edited video to ask for sharing. If you will get more subscribers it will help your channel to rank your next video very fast.

YouTube SEO #7. Renaming Video Filename
This is also important step however most of us forget to do it. Whenever you create a video using any video editing tool. And once you save your edited video it always gives a by default name according to software to software. Example: 54152.mp4 or whatever
Rename that video file name before uploading. And try to use your main keyword as a file name. For Example: If Targeted keyword is “YouTube Optimization”. rename a file like Youtube-Optimization.mp4

YouTube SEO #8. Video Length
According to the experts or analysis the average size of popular video is between 4 to 5 minutes. You don’t upload lengthy video nor upload very short video. Try to maintain a average length of each video uploaded.

YouTube SEO #9. Regularly Publish Videos
To rank your channel or to get more and more subscribers, view or likes, try to upload video on regular basis. If you have enough content, Don’t upload all of your videos together and then a take a pause for few days. Try to upload video one by one on regular basis. It engages your subscribers.

YouTube SEO #10. Quality Content
It is one of the most important factor to consider. Try to upload only quality content. Don’t use copyrighted musics, scenes or cropped videos. Upload your own content and before uploading make it little attractive using video editing tools.

YouTube SEO #11. Add Suspense
Adding suspense is also considered to be the better way to optimize YouTube video. It can help to increase watch time of your videos. The most popular way to add suspense is to ask relevant and related question in the video. Try to ask the question in start and give an answer at the end. It will help you to engage your user during entire video and there will be a possibility that user will watch entire video.

YouTube SEO #12. Category
Choosing a right category also helps your video to drive more traffic using search. There are people who searches a video by typing a keyword however people also search video by selecting a category.

YouTube SEO #13. Language
While uploading a video select a correct language according to your video. It helps for local SEO.For Example: If you video has a Hindi language. Select hindi as video will have a higher chances to get in search in the targeted country.

YouTube SEO #14. Allow comments
Don’t uncheck the Allow comments tab. As by allowing comments will help your to engage more and more users.

YouTube SEO #15. Licence and rights ownership
If you have a legal Youtube channel and you own a video rights. Always upload video licence. As YouTube gives priority to the channel who upload licence and works legally.

Conclusion: YouTube Video Optimization
YouTube is not just for the celebrities or famous personalities. It is a platform for every individual to share the creativity, thoughts, skills. And if you start getting subscribers and views. Believe me you can earn huge by uploading videos. So always remember to use above given tips while uploading a video.

If you have any concerns do comment us below and we will try to revert you as earliest as possible.