How to disable chrome red screen security warning

How to disable chrome red screen security warning?

You have seen this red screen security warning because you might have put some infected file or code on your website. In this thread I will tell you the easiest way to disable chrome red screen security warning.
Step 1. First of all Go to the url to check, why have you received this notification and which type of malware infection do you have on your website or blog.
Copy and paste the above url in the browser and before pasting change to your site name.
Step 2. Now whatever file or code you see is infected. Delete or modify it.
Step 3. Once every infected file or code is removed from your webiste. it is the time to review your website once again. so the red screen warning will be removed by Google.
Step 4. Go to Webmaster Tools, Crawl your website again from Fetch as Google option given in Webmaster tools.
Dashboard – Crawl – Fetch as Google
Read more about Fetch as Google
How to request a malware review or unwanted software review?
Once you’re certain your site is free of malware, you can ask Google to review it.
Prepare for your review now
You must first take action on your own site before requesting a review.
1. Make sure your site is free from any infected code and content. See What is malware for more details.
2. Make sure your site does not serve binary malware or unwanted software downloads.
3. Make sure your site complies with the Webmaster Guidelines.
Request a review
Once you’ve performed the steps above, you can request a review.
1. Open the Security Issues Report
2. Another StopBadware link to Request for Review
3. Click Request a review

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