6 Best Ways to Earn Money Online without Investment and Make $$$

There are various ways to Earn from Home, however today I will be sharing all the Best ways to Make Money Online. After reading this post. I am sure every individual will be able to work as a freelancer apart from their regular job.

1. Earn with Fiverr (The best platform for professionals, who are expert in any technical aspect)
It’s good to have some extra income, which is apart your regular job. Now a days Earn From Home become very easy task for each individual. You just have to be proficient enough. There is a website, which offers the easiest way to Make Money Online. This website sells services, you can SIGNUP HERE and create your free account and start selling your services. It is very helpful for designers, developers, freelancers, SEO experts, PPC professionals, SEM etc. It is useful for every individual who has a knowledge of any technical language or product. Thus Earn Money Online is now easy and simple.

Categories to sell your services:

  • Graphics & Design
  • Digital Marketing
  • Writing & Translation
  • Video & Animation
  • Music & Audio
  • Programming & Tech
  • Advertising
  • Business
  • Lifestyle
  • Gifts
  • Fun & Bizarre
  • Other

How to Make money with Fiverr?
Steps to follow:
1. Go to Fiverr.com and create new account
2. Complete your profile with all the details required
3. Now login to your account and click on your profile name (Top Right)
4. There will be various option (Screenshot attached below)


5. Now click on Selling > Create Gig and Fill the details for your services, whatever you are planning to sell (Screenshot attached below)

fiverr create gig

6. Fill complete details as required.
7. You can create gigs as much as you can mentioning different services in the same account.
8. Here you will sell everything of $5, Howver you will get $4 for every sale. As Fiverr keep its commission of $1 on each sale.

Few Points to Consider before Selling on Fiverr
1. Always try to create unique gig. So that you will get maximum sales.
2. Before creating any new gig. Always search for the same content on the site.
Example: If you are a Graphic designer and selling Logo or Banner Creation service. Search for your competitors on the site and see their gig to evaluate yourself.

2. Earn with KWork
KWork is a similar platform like Fiverr. Which gives you tremendous opportunities to earn money online. You can start selling your skills, technology or product on this website by following few steps.
3. Earn with Microworkers (The Easiest Earnings)


Microworkers is a platform to earn from home by doing endless tasks. There are employers posting lots of online jobs on daily basis. You can work as much as you can. There is no limit. There are approximate 7,80,000 workers working and earning dollars. The tasks are so simple to execute. Like: Mostly you will find sign up, form filling task. You can register and earn money online by following few steps.
Register for free now

1. Multiple and continues jobs at a same platform
2. Endless tasks to do
3. Variety for choice
4. No limit of Earnings

4. Earn by Blogging
Now a days anyone can become blogger, as everyone has a hidden talent, you just have to find your expertise to become a successful blogger. And Blogging is the best way to get huge amount of traffic to your blog and monetize the traffic into earnings. Earn Money Online by blogging you skills and techniques.

Steps to follow:
1. Create your free blog or paid one. You can create free blogs at
How to create a free blog?
And there are lots of other sites. See this list here
2. Once blog is created make it look good and user friendly
3. Once you are done. Start posting content on your blog or site.
4. As soon as you start getting traffic to your website. It is a right time to monetize your site content by signing up with latest affiliate
native advertising.
See the list of Affiliate like Google Adsense Click here

5. Enjoy Earning by utilizing your efforts and creativity

5. Earn by Writing
It is a good news for content writers that instead of their regular job. They can earn by writing doing part time task. See the post below. Which will guide you every best way to do it.
Website pays Writers

6. Earn by Uploading and Sharing
 Upload Share and Earn is a main slogan for earning with these typ of sites. It is very easy to earning high by uploading and sharing the files on free file host. Here is the list to start executing your efforts and convert it into dollars. These type of sites gives an opportunity to earn money online by converting your blog traffic to dollars.
Free File Host Sites

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