Duplicate Content VS Copied Content

What is Duplicate Content?
Duplicate content term used in SEO to describe same text that appears on web more than once. It can be on different domain or sub-domain names. Either it can be exactly same or closely similar. When it is exactly same it is considered to be the copied content and can be penalized however if it is closely similar it considered to be the duplicate content and can not be penalized.

What is Copied Content? And how it is differ from Duplicate Content?
Copied content is also called as exactly similar and is being copied same to same from one to another domain name. It can be penalized by Google or other search engines as it increases search spam as it slows down search results.

As per the latest algorithm policy updates, we have found few important points to pay attention to. We will not describe much as we will summarize the difference the duplicate content vs copied content according to Google.

Major difference between Duplicate Content and Copied Content are as follows:

  • On the entire web 25-30% of content is duplicate and Google doesn’t consider it to be malicious. However Copied content is 90-100% resembles to another.
  • Copied content refers to content which is intentionally copied in an effort to gain instant traffic and manipulate SERP.

Hope above given brief summary is explanatory enough to understand Duplicate Content VS Copied Content. If anyone of you have another explanation or update, be in touch to update me or other users too.
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