3 Steps to Rank your website SEO

Today we are explaining few steps to rank your website in Google search. These steps will get you rank faster, if you follow accordingly.

Step 1: Keyword Research for Site
Searching for a accurate keyword should be a priority for every website or business. Being a developer if you are developing your website by yourself or hired a company to do it. Remember to take a domain name mentioning a main keyword or if it is a business remember to add a html page with permalink using your main keyword. It will help you to rank your website faster in Google search on the desired keyword.
When you are writing a content of your site remember to add relevant keywords in it. However do remember to maintain the keyword density according to content length.
Example of SEO company:
Use a keyword mentioning the desired city or country location like:
seo company Delhi
seo company India
Do remember to mention keyword phrase in the content. It helps you to rank faster.

Increase the keyword’s prominence:
Add keyword in HTML title tag. However length should not exceed 150 characters
Remember to place keywords in headings
Add keywords in the title of post or paragraph
Always remember to bold the desired keyword once in the whole content
At least hyperlink your main keyword once in the content
Add images between the content and add alt tag on it

Step 2: Content or Web Copy
If you are not expert in writing content, you require a web copy writer. As they are expert in writing content for your website. A content is considered to be the king.

Things to remember while writing content:
Content should not be duplicate otherwise site can be penalized by search engines
Don’t use less content on each page
If you are not expert enough hire a content writer
If its a blog site. Remember to add unique content on daily basis. It will give you unexpected results. If its not a blog site. Add a blog page on site and updates relevant unique blogs on daily basis

Step 3: Building Backlinks
It is also an important task. Increasing relevant backlinks of your site will help your site to rank fast. There are various ways to build backlinks. Follow the link for more clarifications How to increase backlinks?

Do remember:
Don’t add badlinks or toxic links. It will impact on your site performance
Badlinks and toxic links come from less DA (Domain Authority) sites
Check latest DA Sites list

How will we monitor the performance?
To monitor your site results you should use Google analytics. It has lots of options to check which gives you complete history about your website.