YouTube Video Uploading Stucks on Loading Error SOLVED 100%

Now a days most of the Vloggers are facing issue whenever they are trying to upload any video on YouTube. Video stuck while loading and processing. We were facing same issue since long tried several ways to sort it out, contacted support too however didn’t get any relevant answer instead of FAQ’s.
While trying lots of tip and tricks to solve the YouTube Video Uploading Error. We found the best way to upload any relevant video without loading issue.

We have got several queries related to the topic from around the world like:

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  • Video stuck during upload
  • Videos taking a long time while uploading or that are stuck during upload
  • Anyone know why my uploader is stuck on “Loading?”
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  • Video upload stuck at 60%
  • How to fix YouTube Uploader Error or Issue?
  • and many more…

After receiving these queries our team started working on it and found the easiest solution to solve it. You only have to follow few steps in order to start uploading video perfectly again.

STEPS TO FOLLOW: YouTube Video Uploading Stucks on Loading Error SOLVED 100%

1. Most of us are using Google Chrome, Firefox, Opera or Safari who are facing Youtube Video Uploading and Loading Issue
2. Download and Install Microsoft Edge Browser
3. Start Uploading Video from Microsoft Edge Browser and you won’t find video loading or processing issue.
If you still face any issue you can connect with us by commenting below. Our team will try to revert you as earliest as possible.
Thanks You