Effective SEO Techniques to Increases Web Traffic

Effective SEO Techniques to Increases Web Traffic of Your Website or Blog

Every website owner and blogger wants his/her site to be on top on every search engine result. It is possible, because according to the recent survey, 80% web traffic starts with a search query. That’s why SEO plays an important role in the success of your website. Here are some effective SEO techniques to increase organic traffic to your website or blog.

1. Choose Easy Domain Name:
If you haven’t booked a domain till now, you still have a chance to get the perfect one. Make sure your domain name should not be spammy or with long characters, it should be easy to remember. It will be great if you book a domain name containing your main keyword in it. For example: LearnSEO.pro, It have high composition keyword in it “Learn SEO”. But as I said above it should not containing long characters or words.

2. Update post regularly with unique and own content:
You need to keep posting unique content on your blog to get it in search result very fast. If you are posting quality content on your site regularly, Google will put you on preference to come in search 1st page result. If possible post once every day but in case you are too busy to have it done, post at least one to two times every week. Make your content informative, useful, and interesting. Choose what’s in the hot trends. Pick up proper keywords and avoid keyword stuffing.

3. Use Proper Keywords:
Always do keyword analysis before updating content on your site, so that you can write content using proper keywords. You can always use Google keyword tool to do analysis.

4. Audit your website regularly:
The audit is the examination of your website to attract and retain the customers. In this, you can closely examine your site performance and find out the reasons why you are not getting enough traffic. On the basis of a result, you can decide future goal and techniques to be implemented. This is the most cost efficient ways to increase your web traffic without efforts.

5. Design more optimised landing page:
The landing page of you site should be well designed and good looking, so that whenever user visits, he/she stays long or bookmark it for future reference. All the categorization on the blog should be in a proper manner, so user should not get confused.

6. Design your site mobile friendly and responsive:
As per the latest survey, most of the internet users 66% are using mobile phones or tablets for shopping or surfing. SO make your website mobile friendly.

7. Use Latent semantic Indexing:
Google uses an algorithm while deciding ranking of the website. The algorithm updates frequently. if you want to maintain your rank in Google’s list, then you have to update yourself time to time. Google considers Latent Semantic Indexing (LSI) while deciding ranking of the websites. LSI uses a mathematical formula to identify patterns in any given paragraph of text. It is an indexing and retrieval technique. LSI is also known as co-occurrence as it finds synonyms for keywords. In this way, LSI can improve your page rank.

8. Make Your Post Titles Attractive:
The most and important thing to consider is that Post Title should match the correct niche. Titles are what your readers come across at the very first. So need to be an extra careful about them. So keep them interesting, attractive, to the point, and if possible try placing your keyword in it.

9. Observe and Target Competitor’s Live Keywords:
Sometimes it happens that you might miss some powerful and effective keywords that your competitor’s are already using. So researching your competitors is good and smart practice. Use that keywords for creating better content. It also give you good competition.

10. Use Heading Tags Properly:
Make the use of <h1> <h2> <h3> <h4> <h5> <h6> tags properly containing proper and genuine keywords. I will not recommend using multiple <h1> tags on a single page, thus you will avoid keyword stuffing.

11. Follow W3C Standards:
Follow W3C standards also almost forces you to write semantic markup, which can only be a good thing for SEO. To know more reads all rules and regulation form here.

12. Update Web URL On Social Networks:
Make your web profiles on social networks sites like Facebook, LinkedIn, Google Plus, Twitter, Pinterest, etc. This will give you instant unique traffic.