How to Add FAQ Schema in Blogger? Easiest Guide 2023

Do you want to Add FAQ Schema in Blogger and You don’t know How to do it? We will guide you in the easiest manner.

What is FAQ Schema Markup? And What are the advantages of FAQ Schema?
FAQ Stands for Frequent Asked Questions. It contains questions and answers related to your product or service. When we use FAQ Schema Markup in our content or post, it becomes easy for search engine like Google to show rich results. Which impacts on your website ranking in SERP.

Advantages of Adding FAQ Schema in Blogger:
1. Rich Results:
By Adding FAQ Schema you get greater visibility in search results. Also search crawlers understand the content and gives a better result to user in search queries.

2. Increase CTR:

As mentioned in the point 1, FAQ Schema increases traffic to your blog. Thus your post gets the better CTR (Click Through Rate). It gives you the higher ranking in Search results.

3. Gives better Voice Search Results (Very important point to consider)
FAQ Schema works well with Google Assistant. And Now a days most of the users use Google assistant in every device, like Mobile, TV, Laptop etc. And if you blog has FAQ Schema, search engine will give the priority to your post to come first.

How to Add Schema in Blogger?
Now all of you know the importance of adding FAQ Schema Markup, so lets start adding it by following these easy steps:

Step 1. First Generate FAQ Schema:
Go to FAQ Schema Generator and add questions and answers related to your product or service.

FAQ Schema

Step 2. Copy FAQ Schema Code:
Just copy “JSON-LD FAQ Schema Code” after adding the questions and answers in the FAQ generator page (Screenshot given below).

FAQ Schema code

Step 3. Paste FAQ Schema in Blogger:
Paste the copied “JSON-LD FAQ Schema Code” below the </div> for better understanding check the image given below.

FAQ Schema html

Step 4. Validate FAQ Schema Markeup:
Now go to the Testing tool and submit the url to check weather FAQ schema has been updated successfully.

faq schema rich results

Step 5. Final Step:
Now go to Google Search Console or Webmaster tools and submit your site url to crawl by going to URL Inspection Tool. Hope you all know How to crawl the url. If not Follow this link to know more.


Hope you all have already create FAQ Schema and submitted it to Google. However still few recommendations to follow:

  • Only add relevant FAQs related to your product or service
  • Add minimum 3 FAQs for better results
  • Follow Google FAQ Guidelines for more