Maxbounty Review

Our MaxBounty review might interest you Because It is common for affiliate marketers to get their start with networks like Amazon, CJ, or Rakuten Advertising.
What if you want something a little different?
A familiar product or service with a much higher payout rate.
You may want to consider CPA offers if that’s the case after reading this Maxbounty review

We understand that there are a lot of CPA networks out there.
Most of them are relatively new, so you have no idea who you’re dealing with.
In contrast, MaxBounty has been in business since 2004.
Knowing that your preferred affiliate marketing network (and cash) won’t vanish overnight is always comforting.
Although MaxBounty specializes in CPA offers, you’ll also find plenty of CPS offers there.
You won’t be limited to just roofing companies or teeth whitening services.
There are some pretty impressive brands in MaxBounty’s portfolio.
Let’s not get ahead of ourselves.

Register on Maxbounty

In fact, MaxBounty does a great job of convincing you to sign up – they sell you on the “verticals you want, rates you’ll need”.
Having read their pre-sell, you head to their affiliate signup page.

  • There is already a separate login page for MaxBounty affiliates, so this page is a bit confusing.
  • If you don’t already have an account, click ‘Next’ and enter your name and email:
  • Then add a password and security questions:
  • The next step is to add contact information, including a Skype ID…which is odd since they usually verify by phone.
  • Add your address details next:
  • Finally, please provide details about your site, traffic sources, and MaxBounty campaign(s).
  • The final page of the signup form is the eighth.
  • I would like to draw your attention to two points.

It is your responsibility to:

  • Don’t sell your MaxBounty account
  • Do not send fake traffic to offers

With MaxBounty, what brands can you promote?
When you hear people talking about CPA offers, you might assume that they’re all the same.
You’ll end up promoting life insurance offers.

maxbounty offers
maxbounty offers

Some kind of berry-based supplement that “melts fat away”.
Yes, MaxBounty has those types of offers, but once you review MaxBounty, you find brands like these:
These are just a few of the big names you’ll find on MaxBounty Review.
It’s important to keep in mind that these are a minority, probably around 20%.
Most CPA networks have the remaining 80% of offers.
My first impression of MaxBounty’s interface is “Busy!”.
The UX (User Experience) isn’t terrible, but you’re presented with a full page of offers, each of which is a mini landing page. Your eyes are constantly overloaded with information – there is no white space.
At this stage, most networks also offer some kind of training, but not here.

Payment on Time

The “When” of getting paid as a MaxBounty affiliate is actually a two-step process. You start off on net-15 payment terms. That is, whatever you earn will be paid to you the following month on the 15th. However, affiliates who make enough money to receive a payment are automatically placed on a weekly payment schedule.

Methods of payment

A Western country, or one that isn’t on a “ban” list, can use check, eCheck, direct deposit, wire transfer, or Payoneer as payment methods. There are, however, some options that affiliates in certain countries may not be able to use. Your commission payments will also be converted into your local currency, so affiliates in New Zealand will receive their payments in New Zealand dollars.

Threshold for payments

In order to trigger a payment from MaxBounty review, you must earn at least US$100 in commissions. That’s a bit higher than most networks, but if you’re entering the CPA scene with your eyes wide open, you’ll realize this is nothing more than chicken feed.

Help for Affiliate / Publisher

One of MaxBounty’s major shortcomings is that there is no knowledge base or support forum. Sure, you get dedicated affiliate managers, but really do you need to call them for basic questions? There is a FAQ page in the MaxBounty affiliate dashboard, but I have never seen a weaker “Help” section anywhere else. It feels as though it was an afterthought. Considering the quality of other aspects of this network, it is a shame.

MaxBounty Reviews

It’s easy to praise a network or program, but what do others think? MaxBounty reviews are mixed.

Conclusion of MaxBounty review

The MaxBounty review ends with this conclusion. Taking a deep dive into MaxBounty was interesting. The reason is that they have watered down their CPA offers with so many CPS programs. However, despite having a really busy interface, they have nailed things like their link creation tool. One of the best affiliate marketing networks I’ve ever worked with. In the event they suspect you’re up to no good, they’ll close your account (and keep your commissions).

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