Request Indexing Feature Disabled – How to Index Your Site URL to GOOGLE?

Google has temporarily disabled Request Indexing Feature from Webmaster or Search Console as they are upgrading their technology for fetching url. Request Indexing feature help you webmasters to crawl their site url within search engine (Google). Fetching the site url helps your site to come in search results on the desired keyword. As it has been temporarily disabled. Many webmaster are facing problem to crawl their site in SERP manually. We are writing this article as I found a site to index your site urls faster than Google Request Indexing Feature. So without wasting much time lets explain the way to do it.

How to index your site urls to Google as Google has disabled Request indexing feature? Kindly follow the steps given below:

  • Visit this SITE CLICK HERE 
  • They charge very cheap 1 Link = $0.02 or 1000 Links = $20. And the method is awesome as they submit site links with Drip Feed method. And it is very easy and quick.

And you won’t believe once I requested my site urls to fetch in Google it took only 24-48 hours and I found the site on the search result on the desired keywords.

Example: Submission of Website Links

index site url google
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Hope this article will help you to request indexing of your website links within search or SERP.