Which are the best AI tools for animators or creators?

As of my last knowledge update in June 2023, there were several Best AI tools for animators and creators found useful for enhancing their work. However, please note that the landscape of AI tools is rapidly evolving, so newer tools may have emerged since then. Here are some AI tools that were popular among animators and creators:

Adobe Sensei: Adobe has integrated AI and machine learning features into many of its creative tools, such as Photoshop, Illustrator, Premiere Pro, and After Effects. These tools offer features like content-aware fill, automated animations, and intelligent image manipulation.

Runway ML: Runway ML is a platform that enables artists and creators to use machine learning models in their projects without requiring a deep understanding of the technology. It offers various AI models for tasks like image generation, style transfer, and pose estimation.

Artbreeder: Artbreeder is a platform that uses AI to combine and manipulate images, allowing artists to create new artworks or animations by blending and evolving existing images. It’s a great tool for generating unique visual concepts.

DALL-E and CLIP: These are AI models developed by OpenAI that can generate images from text descriptions. DALL-E generates images from textual prompts, while CLIP understands images and text together, making it useful for generating visuals based on written concepts.

Toonify: Toonify is a tool that turns photos and videos into cartoon-like versions using AI. It’s a fun tool for animators to quickly transform real-world footage into animated styles.

DeepDream: DeepDream is a tool that uses neural networks to transform images into dreamlike, surreal creations. While it was originally developed by Google as an experiment, artists have used it to create unique and visually captivating animations.

Plotagon: Plotagon utilizes AI to turn scripts into animated videos. It automatically animates characters and scenes based on the text input, making it a useful tool for creating simple animations quickly.

Mixamo: Mixamo, now part of Adobe, offers a library of 3D character animations that can be customized and applied to your own 3D models. It’s a time-saving resource for animators working with 3D characters.

FaceRig: FaceRig uses facial recognition and tracking to animate digital avatars in real time. It’s often used by content creators for livestreaming and creating dynamic digital personas.

Reallusion Character Animator: This tool allows animators to bring characters to life through facial recognition and puppetry. It’s particularly useful for creating interactive animations and characters for videos.

Keep in mind that technology evolves quickly, and new AI tools may have emerged since my last update. Always check for the latest tools and read user reviews to determine which ones best suit your needs as an animator or creator.

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