How to Enable HTTPS SSL Certificate on Blogger Custom Domain?

How to enable https SSL on Blogger for Free?
There are many bloggers, webmasters and online marketers are using free blog service given by google. They always get a domain name like:
There are many who are still not aware that they can enable free ssl certificate on their domain name. Then their domain will be like:

I will guide you to enable https on blogger. The steps are given below:

1. Login to your Blog
2. After logging in Go to Settings > Basic > HTTPS > HTTPS availability. And enable it by selecting “Yes“. Follow the screenshot given below.

https blogger

3. You are done…

How to enable your Blogger Custom domain from http to https?
If you have enables custom domain on your blogger. Then also you can integrate the ssl (http to https) on your blogger custom domain name.

Steps are same as given above. You have to goto Settings > Basic > HTTPS > HTTPS availability. And enable it by selecting “Yes“.

This feature has recently launched it by blogger, however prior to this it was very difficult task to implement https to your blog or blogger custom domain name.

After following all these steps remember to make these changes too, which are as follows:
  • First, you need to update your Robots.txt file to make your blog SSL compatible

User-agent: Mediapartners-Google
User-agent: *
Disallow: /search
Allow: /

  • In Google Search Console, add new property in this way:
  • After adding the new property and verifying it, then submit your HTTPS version blog’s sitemap.XML like:
  • Finally, your blogger blog is ready to go live on the web, and it is fully SSL certified.
 Advantages of using SSL Certificates:
  • Your site will look more professional
  • SSL Certificates will protect your blog from hackers and unauthentic attacks
  • SSL Certificates make your blog secured and faster
  • Using HTTPS your blog’s ranking in Google and other search engines will improve