How to change font size of blogger posts?

Post Font Size Blogger:
Whether you blog has a good quality content. If blog posts are not readable visitor will not spend time on your site. Thus it is essential that your blog’s post should be readable enough with stylish font.

How to increase blogger posts font size?
It is a very easy task to increase the blogger posts font size. By default font size is too small. However there are several blogger templates which provides customization to change font size or style of every division to make it more classy and readable.

Method – 1
Follow these steps to change blogger posts font size:
1.  Go to blogger dashboard by login your gmail id and password
2. Go to Theme > Edit HTML Tab (On the right)
3. Now Search  .post-body {
Now enter and below the above given code paste this code.
font-size: 16px;
(Important Note: If you want another size instead of 16px, You can change it to 18, 20 or any other according to you choice. Then the code will be font-size: 18px; OR font-size: 20)px;
4. Save template and its done…

There is another way to do it.

Method – 2
Change blogger posts font size by going to template customization:
1. Click on template > Customize
2. Then click on Advance and now you can change the font size accordingly. However with this method you can change the size only to 14, 16 and 20px. If you need the size other than these 3. You have to follow the Method 1 to do it.

Hope this tutorial will help you to learn the things correctly.