The Ultimate Guide to Meta Tags

Keyword to target – SEO Meta Tags, ultimate guide to meta tags:
These are the elements which places within the head section of the code in the HTML ,This help in description of the content  of any website or their webpage, these tags or elements used by any online search engine to show or display of your webpage in their search result, in HTML  must have a Head, a body and  end section where meta elements are placed in the heal and in the end not in the body , the purpose  of meta tag is to define  the content

Below is the example:

<meta content=”text/htmls; charset=utf-8″ http-equiv=”Content-Type”>

Meta tags are the essential part of Google core algorithm and they used mail for Search engines, here I will tell you the most essential and common meta tags and their uses

How it is useful for SEO:
Meta tag is one of the needy elements for SEO, they have a big role in Search engine in the site, as I mentioned previous these are the code which hidden in code in the site and meta tags provide a summarized idea about website that what your site exactly about and what about keywords.
when people come to search engine for search any query , these query is formulated in the words and numbers  and user of search engine are scanning the SERPs for the words and number which they entered into the search bar ,here Search engine show their function to understand the expectation of user that what user actually looking contain with exact words as they entered, so this is the use of Meta tag user get result only because of these element which are place in the head of HTML and in the of the HTML.

Meta tags:
Meta tags are composition of two things one is title tag and another is meta description these are the essential HTML elements that are require for a page to their rank,
Title tags, as we can understand by the word of “Title” this describe the topic of any page, its displayed at the top of the browser of the title bar and listing titles of search engine result page, in Title tag have friendly search term which is a strong signal for search engine, this provide and help to higher click  through rate because user of internet by scan search result and if they are not see it then the CTRs will be reduce, content on the page this is main relevant to the title tags, in SEO the main keywords must be first word in the page title and close to the start of title a keyword this help to the ranking.

Meta description:
This provides a small description of the page in an HTML Meta tag, this is invisible in the site to user in the site, well written meta tag help in ranking and also in to promoting user click through rate from search engine result.
Different type of Meta Tags, Today, the most important meta tags for web developers are those for Content-Type and Description.

Canonical links:
Canocical link is a element which is used when a page’s content over multiple URLS, creating duplicate URLs, if we want consolidate the duplicate the entries and help to find then I am recommend to use canonical link to indicate which the indexable URL should be,
Simply identify a single favorite URL (generally the simplest one), and add the rel=”canonical” link element, with that favorite URL, to every different of the page. When Google skulks the site, it will join duplicates within its index to the preferred URL.

HTML heading tags (H1-H6):
HTML heading tags are an important section of semantic search, as they offer main contextual hints to the search engines and support them better understand mutually a page’s content and its complete construction. search engine use heading tags to understand there structure and relevance thing of any page content, and these tags should be ordered on any page by their importance h1, h2,h3..lowest,in content if partitioning content are absent then the existence of heading tag will still be  taken as the opening of a new content section.

Meta robots attribute:
This tag is a part of code which use to give the instruction to search engines that how to interact with web page, they work as like robots, txt are fills which informs search engine on how to crawl a web page, the meta robots attribute, offer parameters to search engine on whether they should crawl or index a page content.

Meta keywords:
Whenever you want to show your keywords list to your competitors which you are targeting in the earlier days of SEO, then meta keyword help on this,
meta keywork tag used by search engines in calculating keywords relevance, some it create difficulty to find appropriate keyword because it work as uncontrolled that is the reason modern search engines ignore the meta keywords tag.

Social meta tags (open graph and Twitter cards) :
Social meta tags are used when you share the post on site of social media where it works to control how the content page shows up,
open graph tags are the set of meta tags which be can added to any page of website to define the content of any page, like the title, image and description, via social media,
these are two protocols why which we get such information: open graph(for Facebook, Google+ and Pinterest) and Twitter Cards (for…you can easily guess),  and is used by the respective social media to present the extract of the pages that users share, by social meta tags  we can instance make use of a title, description, or image specifically targeted for a social media audience or we can say boost CTR from this channel.

Hreflang attribute (commonly referred to as Hreflang tag) :
Hreflang tag are used when you have global website with a multiple countries and language being featured, Google also recommends using Hrefangs tags for specify the language and regional variations of our pages, the main purpose of Hreflang tag is to provide Google with the most correct info on localized pages, so that the search engine can serve the relevant language version in document or in your sitemap.