Top 14+ Free SEO Toolbars for Google Chrome

If you are a developer, webmaster or website owner then now a days SEO is must for every site to rank in any search engine. We have to implement lots of things to rank out website faster. We also should be aware about our competitor thus we do competition analysis using lots of tools, softwares and social engineering. Today we are going to announce the Top SEO Toolbars for Google chrome to watch any site analytics, performance, domain authority, page authority, rank, backlinks and lots of other things. All the toolbars given below are available for all the browsers like Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Opera and Safari. The list are as follows:

Top 14+ Free SEO Toolbars for Browsers
1. SEOQuake
SEOQuake checks any website’s indexing pages, backlink counts, bing index links, alexa rank domain age, rank, external and internal links count. This toolbar is completely free.

2. MozBar
MozBar gives analytics of viewing any page or by SERP. Its gives detailed statistics about county, region or city. Also tells about http status and errors.

3. SEOSerp
SEOSerp extension allows you all to match a correct keyword search for your website or blog. It also helps to check the rank of targeted site.

4. SEOWebsiteAnalysis
SEOWebsiteAnalysis is powered by Woorank site. Which gives indepth details of your site including errors on it. Also give you the solution to rectify it.

5. GoogleSERPcounter
GoogleSERPcounter toolbar quickly identifies the correct location and position of your website or blog in any search engine like Google or SERPs.

6. SEMRushRank
SEMRushRank is owned by SEMRush which is a complete marketing solution for any site. It automatically displays the page rank on the toolbar.

7. MajesticBacklinkAnalyzer
MajesticBacklinkAnalyzer instantly analyses about the backlinks of your website. As it crawls the whole webs to do it. It also shows the trust flow rating.

8. KeywordsEverywhere
KeywordsEverywhere is free keyword research tool. It also shows the search results count and cost per click of that particular keyword.

SLERPEESERPSEOTool shows live SERP preview in real time. It saves draft anonymously and Share it to colleagues, clients etc. for feedback.

10. SEOMinion
SEOMinion analyses and help you to get the details of SEO tasks such as On-Page or Off-Page, broken links, Preview of SERP and highlighting of backlinks.

11. METASEOinspector
METASEOinspector inspects all the available meta tag of your site. Meta tags plays a vital role to rank any website in search results.

12. TagAssistant
TagAssistant is powered by Google, thus it is important to install. It helps to implement lots of various Google pixels or tags including Analytics, Tag Manager etc.

Hope above give list of SEO Toolbars will help you to rank your blog quickly.
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